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NPhA's bylaws allow for the establishment and chartering of state and local Chapters. There are a number of requirements that organizations must meet in order to become (and maintain their status as) NPhA Chapters.

We are working to develop this page to serve as a resource for existing and aspiring NPhA Chapters. Over time, this page will include a directory of all active Chapters with links to their respective websites. Please check back frequently for updates. 

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Defining a Chapter

Chapter Development Resources

Apply for Chapter Charter

Renew Chapter Status (coming soon)

Directory of Active NPhA Chapters (coming soon)

Defining a Chapter

NPhA's bylaws define a chapter as a geographic unit of the association recommended by the Zone Director and approved by the Association Board of Directors and the House of Delegates for charter and membership. A chartered chapter is an organizational entity granted membership and voting privileges and must comply with specific requirements set by the Board of Directors. Each chapter must elect officers, establish bylaws, maintain its own membership, and promote NPhA's goals within its designated territory. 

A group of five (5) NPhA members in good standing may petition for a chapter in an area lacking an existing NPhA chapter. Multiple chapter charters within one state may be considered, but chapters must be at least 100 miles apart. Additional chapter(s) must be recommended by the Zone Director and approved by the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates.

A chapter is considered in good standing if it: a. Maintains a minimum of 5 active members in good standing, including at least three officers (President, President-Elect, and Secretary/Treasurer), reported to the National Secretary by May 31st each year; b. Holds and documents at least one business meeting per quarter; c. Pays annual chapter assessment by May 31st; d. Submits an annual chapter report including the IRS-required 990 Form to the IRS, with a copy to the National NPhA Treasurer; e. Submits its current adopted Bylaws to the National NPhA Secretary; and f. Sends an active member to represent the chapter at NPhA's Annual National Meeting.

Chapter Development Workshop Series

NPhA is working to establish new Chapters and reactivate legacy Chapters and affiliates. As part of this ongoing effort,  NPhA is pleased to provide a Chapter Development Workshop series for existing local NPhA chapters and affiliates. The purpose of the series is to provide additional guidance and an open forum to local chapter officers and members to increase sustainability of local chapters. 

Interested in attending? Contact us for more information. 

 Workshop Title  Workshop Goal Date (all sessions 8:00 to 9:30 pm Eastern)
Annual Chapter Requirements Overview Clearly define requirements for local NPhA Chapters and affiliates 

March 7, 2024

View archived session
Chapter Operations and Bylaws Provide template and overview of the components of Chapter bylaws 

April 4, 2024

View archived session

Fundraising and Chapter Financial Management 

Provide ideas for local Chapters to generate revenue

Discuss steps to establish organization and open local chapter bank account. 

June 6, 2024 (Will be held in conjunction with "Developing an Annual Calendar") 

Developing an Annual Calendar

Highlight the type of events that a local Chapter should plan for annually.

June 6, 2024 (Will be held in conjunction with Fundraising and "Chapter Financial Management")

Planning for an Annual Meeting

Discuss the steps to plan an annual meeting for a local Chapter.

Special Session to be held during the NPhA | SNPhA Annual Convention 

Apply for Chapter Charter

Are you ready to petition for a Chapter in your geographic area? The first step is to reach out to your NPhA Zone Director. Visit this page to identify the Zone Director for your area and to get their contact information. Before you reach out, please be sure that you can (or will soon be able to) answer "yes" to all of the following:

  • Does your proposed chapter have at least 5 members, all of whom are current NPhA members in good standing?
  • Is your proposed chapter at least 100 miles away from all other existing NPhA Chapters?
  • Has your proposed chapter identified a President, President-elect, and Secretary/Treasurer? 
  • Has your proposed chapter established bylaws?
  • Has your proposed chapter received a determination letter from the IRS so that it will be able to submit a Form 990?
  • Will your proposed chapter be able to send an active member to represent the chapter at NPhA's Annual National Meeting?


The National Pharmaceutical Association is dedicated to representing the views and ideas of minority pharmacists on critical issues affecting healthcare and pharmacy, promoting racial and health equity, as well as advancing the standards of pharmaceutical care among all practitioners.




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