2014-2016 Presidential Theme: “A New Foundation”

I’m humbled to follow in the footsteps of luminaries such as Ramona McCarthy Hawkins, Marcellus Grace, Johnny Early, Ted Matthews, Alex Taylor, JoAnn Spearmon, Sharon Early, and Cornetta Levi. I believe that there are many pharmacy organizations in this country that serve great purpose for our profession; but I know that none has a nobler focus than the National Pharmaceutical Association. We are the ones who look out for the underserved. We are the ones who recognize the disparities that exist in healthcare, and we are the ones that understand the work that needs to be done to address these issues. We focus the most on the ones with the least. It is because of this purpose and this focus that we have to make certain we have a strong foundation to move forward for the future.

The NPhA BOD developed and approved a 5 year plan focused on building a New Foundation. We will increase membership, establish new chapters, facilitate better transitions between SNPhA and NPhA, provide unique member benefits, develop new national initiatives, and cultivate relationships with other like-minded organizations interested in the cause of advancement of healthcare for minority communities.

Let us move together towards a better organization. Let us become the voice for issues in minority pharmacy. Let us take this organization to another level. Join with us as we lay a New Foundation for this great association.


Dr. Carleton Maxwell
NPhA President 2014-2016